by:朱文insist42. To live is to live and live.


19. Courage is not feeling fear but feeling it and continuing.

21.You are responsible for excellence, God has his own arrangements....

Publié 2021-01-20

1. nothing is as infectious as enthusiasm, it can move the stone, it is the essence of sincerity.

26. If you bloom, the butterfly comes....

Publié 2021-01-20

88. Those who have wisdom and those who have no will have long aspirations.

2. don't push yourself, you know you ca n' t....

Publié 2021-01-20

90. With your diligence, you will stand on the golden roof of success and stand proudly.

40. All wise men seek themselves, all fools seek others....

Publié 2021-01-03

2. our reward depends on our contribution.

Never give up on yourself, even if everyone gives up on you....

Publié 2020-12-26

13. Fate does not exist; it is merely an excuse for failure to escape reality.

The biggest failure in life is giving up....

Publié 2020-12-16

89. A man can achieve his purpose only if he pursues it strongly and persistently.

Dream is destined to travel alone, the road without doubt and ridicule, but then, even if all the bruises to live beautiful.

20. There will always be a difficult road in life, need to walk alone, no one to help, no one to accompany, do not have to fear, the head of the past, through all the setbacks and tribulations, you will find yourself far more powerful than imagined.






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